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Well I just listened to the Philadelphia Eagles press conference as they were introducing Michael Vick to the team.

I knew he was going to land some where, but I did not expect him to land in Philadelphia. I figured he would land some where that the team is in need of some better quarterback play like San Francisco, Jacksonville, Denver or even Minnesota.

The Eagles have two quarterbacks on the roster that they supposedly love in McNabb and Kolb. The only things I could think of that would make them sign Vick is to possibly take over for McNabb because it seems like every year there are rumors that McNabb is no longer going to be with the team, but that seems unlikely. The other reason they might have signed him is to use him as a runningback, which in my opinion he has always been a runningback playing the quarterback position. Heck Brian Westbrook can never stay healthy for an entire season so he may be a replacement for Westbrook. Whatever the reason they got him, it is not to sit on the bench. They are going to put him on the field the day he is eligible to play.

When McNabb, Jackson, Westbrook or McCoy, Maclin and Vick are on the field together it will more than likely be the fastest team on the field in any game. It will be exciting to see how this works out.

As for fantasy football play with Vick, I don’t really know how it is going to work out. I guess we will just have to wait and see how they are going to use him and how often before going out and drafting him. I believe in most cases he will be available as a free agent in most leagues.

Vick is back, so let’s quit talking about his dog fighting troubles. It is the past he served his time and talking about it isn’t going to keep him from playing obviously. The NFL knows Vick is an electrifying player and will bring money to the league, so that’s why he is back.

Now let’s get ready for the NFL season, we are almost there pre-season has already started!!!


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